Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas-Project 365-Day 103

April 6, 2011

Today my pictures are the gift I am giving to Zackery's teacher and student teacher before we go off on Spring Break. I found these cute containers, which you put together yourself, at The Dollar Tree. I just love that place. I dipped some strawberries in chocolate and placed them inside the containers with parchment paper as a liner. And then also at The Dollar Tree, pinwheels. I took some cardstock and cut it to how I wanted it and then wrote the above saying. "I hope you have a BERRY nice Spring Break." Nothing too big, but nice enough that they know Zackery (well me..) appreciates them.

I love doing stuff for my boys teachers. Actually, just Zackery now. Ryan is off in Middle School and only really cares for a few teachers. Teacher Appreciation Week is coming in May. I will add them to the list. Just little things, that most of the time I get from some of my favorite blogs. Sometimes I actually think of things myself. Like the strawberries.

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