Saturday, May 21, 2011

365 Project-Day 148

May 21, 2011

Today Ryan's soccer team played the last game of the Spring Cup. They were playing for the first place spot. It was an intense game. I was so nervous I was shaking and my stomach was upset. When it came close to the other team getting a goal I couldn't watch. Our goalie was great. He only missed 2 goals. They even had a direct kick on the goal and he caught it. All of our kids played their hearts out. They wanted this Championship Cup. In the end we won... 4-2. This is Ryan with one of their strongest players. Ryan plays center and he plays it well. This kid chases down anyone and takes the ball right out of their feet. The player doesn't even know what hit them, unless they are looking directly at him. Like this kid. Ryan won the ball. He blocked a lot of balls from getting passed him and also helped alot of balls get to our players who took them down the field.

It was an on the edge of your seat kind of game. Our kids did fabulous. I enjoyed the season. And I will miss watching them all play.

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